Efficent transport solutions

By employing innovative approaches and standardized elements, we offer innovative project solutions in the sense of implementation engineering. We manage entire processes over the course of a project, namely from the planning stage to implementation, supervision, and maintenance of equipment and systems.

GH Holding covers the following areas in the transport segment:

  • railway infrastructure and
  • road infrastructure.

Railway infrastructure

The projects for the modernisation and construction of railway infrastructure require interdisciplinary knowledge from various fields and segments of the railway sector:

  • In the area of signal safety, we plan and execute upgrades to the existing relay and electronic-signalling-safety devices. Using new technologies, we build a safe, modern and interoperable railway infrastructure.
  • The telecommunications segment includes the project design and start-up of switch nodes and cable links according to the specific requirements and regulations laid down in railway rules.
  • The catenary, power supply systems and grounding systems are of key importance to the correct operation of all intelligent infrastructural railway devices. We offer the implementation of such systems that are based on our experience and standardised solutions.
  • Within the scope of the track devices area or the work on the substructure and superstructure, we cover both the construction portion of the implementation and project design and the supply and installation of rails, switch points and other elements that make up the rail network schematic.
  • The management of railway transport during the implementation of a railway project entails the integration of both the knowledge of the technical properties of intelligent railway infrastructure and the technology for the management and control of trains in accordance with the applicable rules, regulations and instructions.

Road infrastructure

In addition to the local, main and regional roads in Slovenia, it is primarily the motorway infrastructure that represents a modern and safe connecting route that more and more people are starting to use and by which increasing quantities of cargo are transported. Our objective is to ensure positive effects of the newly built transport infrastructure, the protection of the environment and financial sustainability of the maintenance of such infrastructure, which is why we strive to take part in the promotion of the established modern and advanced solutions for electronic toll collection. As an integrator of information and construction services, we wish to contribute to a lasting solution and the use of such systems in Slovenia.

Take a look at our projects in the field of transport infrastructure.

We are at your disposal for any further details regarding our work, development and solutions that you may be interested in and will be happy to provide advice and relate our experience and our vision.

The contact person for the area of transport infrastructure is Mr. Boštjan Hernavs.

10.06.2011, author: mag. Boštjan Hernavs

Inteligent railway infrastructure: Tehnical solutions for new Divača-Koper line

Because of specific geographical situation second railway track between Divača and Koper require new technical and technological equipment for telecommunication and signal interlocking system.

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